Past Shows


GHOSTS was a dance theatre show, inspired by the Inferno section of The Divine Comedy by Dante Aligheri. It followed Unknown as she descended through the nine levels of Dante’s Hell (Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery) accompanied by The Guide. She attempts to confront the traumas of her past as related to each circle, embodied here by the ensemble. However, what she finds there should not necessarily be relived. The show was first presented with NUIG DramSoc in The Cube Theatre in NUIG on March 2015, followed by The Players’ Theatre in Trinity College Dublin at the ISDA Festival in April 2015. It won the joint award for Best Ensemble, and was nominated for Best Director, Best Costume & Make-Up Design and the Judge’s Discretionary Award for Best Choreography. It was finally presented at Galway Theatre Festival in 2016.

Cast & crew (1st + 2nd runs)

Unknown: Alison Sheary
The Guide: Susan Collins
Limbo: Samira Barar
Lust: Rose Magner
Gluttony: Meghan Smyth
Greed: Maria Ta
Anger: Aisling O’ Donoghue
Heresy: Claire O’ Brien
Violence: Amy Walsh
Fraud: Lorna O’ Connor
Treachery: Róisín Eyres

Director: Martin Kenny
Producer: Róisín Eyres
Sound Design: Sara Komorowski
Sound Operation: Cathal Ryan
Set Design: Lily Hullinger, Érin Grant
Set Construction: Lily Hullinger, Ronan Gallagher
Lighting Design: Micaela Kiley
Lighting Operation: Shane Gaffney
Stage Manager: Emily Flanagan
Crew: Katie Reid


Changes to cast & crew (3rd run)

Gluttony: Laura Keown
Greed: Paige Louter
Heresy: Sarah Vargo

Producer: Kathleen Cawley
Sound Operation: Darragh Cooney
Set + Costume Design: Jack Scullion
Ass. Costume Design: Cliodhna Hallissey
Set Construction: Peter Shine
Lighting design: Susan Collins
Lighting Operation: Brandy Chapman
Hair + Make-up Design: Rose Magner
Stage Manager: Niamh Ní Fhlatharta
Crew: Eleanor O’ Malley, Cathal Ryan,                                                                                                       Conor Curran
Gender Analyst: Érin Grant

Pictures below are from our 1st and 2nd runs, and rehearsals for out 3rd
Images 1 – 20 taken by Filly Campbell
Images 21 – 40 taken by Paul O’ Mahony
Images 41 – 48 taken by Ana Castillon